I Had Brittle, Neglected Nails and Cuticles Until I Discovered This $10, Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

It also gave a 71-year-old shopper "smoother," softer hands.

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Ulta No 7 Hand and Nail Treatment Review

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As a shopping editor, I’m well acquainted with sampling new skincare products to improve the appearance of my skin. But with such a strong focus on everything from the neck up, the rest of my body often gets neglected — and that’s especially true of my hands and nails. 

Being a working mom of three means free time is a luxury and self care like manicures and pedicures are few and far between. Between constant hand washing (cough cough, kids are pretty germy) and a simple lack of time, I recently took a good, hard look at my hands and nails and realized just how much I’ve ignored them lately. On top of brittle nails and damaged cuticles caused by my stress-induced gnawing, I noticed my nails and hands have a generally dull, cracked appearance. I finally decided to give them the attention they deserved, and tried out No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Nourishing Hand and Nail Treatment, which is just $10 at Ulta.

At first, I treated it like your average hand cream, using it each time after I washed and anytime I felt like my hands could use a quick dose of moisture. Its rich, silky texture softened my skin after the first use without leaving behind a greasy texture once absorbed, and left behind a subtle and clean fragrance. What I hadn’t realized with this consistent use was all of the additional added benefits I would enjoy. 

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Nourishing Hand & Nail Treatment


Shop now: $10; ulta.com

It’s been about two months since I first tried the No7 Hand and Nail Treatment, and my hands not only feel more moisturized, but they appear brighter after each use. On top of that, I’ve experienced less breakage in my nails. They used to crack on occasion leading up to cut day, and while I rarely grow my nails out, if they do have some length to them, they stay strong until they’re cut. My cuticles have become more moisturized too; the cream hydrates and softens the area so they crack less, causing me to bite them less. The more I use the No7 hand and nail treatment, the less I need to use it, as it keeps my hands soft and moisturized even after washing them.

To strengthen and condition hands and nails, the No7 hand and nail treatment contains ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 that repairs and conditions, pro-retinol for soft and smooth skin, and an emblica (a fruit extract) and vitamin C blend for brighter-looking skin. I not only apply it throughout the day, but I also massage it into my skin right before bed so I wake up with soft hands and nourished nails in the morning.

While I like to consider my 40-something-year-old hands still somewhat youthful, shoppers have found anti-aging benefits resulting from using the treatment. A 71-year-old shopper “with hands that look 71” said that the cream “has made [their] hands look smoother” from using it twice a day. 

Another review enjoys the benefits it’s had on their cuticles, sharing that they used to “painfully split and tear.” Now that they use the cream consistently at night, “for immediate and lasting results,” they’ve found it “has dramatically reduced [their] painful and ugly cuticles.” According to this reviewer, “it’s an overnight wonder.”

Don’t forget about your hands and nails when you’re thinking about your skincare routine, and grab a tube of the $10 No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Nourishing Hand and Nail Treatment from Ulta.

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