This Cleansing Scrub Is Exactly What My Dry Scalp Needs This Winter

So refreshing.

Nexxus Hair exfoliate

To me, winter is the most horrible time of the year. (I will die on this hill, I don't care). It's cold, it's dark, my hair gets dry, and my skin basically transforms into a raisin — including my scalp.

While there's not much I can do about winter coming around every year besides leave the country, what I can do is use products that keep the skin all over my body nourished and protected, which includes my scalp.

Thankfully, Nexxus's Clean & Pure Scrub works to remove stubborn flaky skin, detoxify my scalp, and get it back to looking fresh and healthy.

I was first introduced to the Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub over the summer during an overnight meeting with Nexxus. At the time, I had in faux locs, so while I couldn't do a full-blown wash day routine, I wanted to do a scalp cleanse.

As most of us Black girls know, scrubs in general can be difficult for us to use as there are always little bits left between our curls that don't totally rinse out. So, you can imagine the fear I felt before letting someone use a scrub on me while I had in a protective style.

However, the team washing and prepping the hair was assisting celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway, so I was down to trust the process.

Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub

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The stylist applied the scrub in between my locs and gave me an amazing scalp massage as she worked the product into a lather. She rinsed me out twice, and to my amazement, there was no build-up or residue. Even when I took out my locs, there weren't any little pieces of anything flying out at me. That's when I knew this product was a clear winner.

Fast forward to fall when my hair was out, I reached for this product as soon as I felt the wind starting to get a little brisk. I would apply it to my scalp weekly to rid my hair of any annoying flakes due to dryness, and my roots would always feel refreshed immediately after use. The best part? You can use it in place of shampoo.

The formula is also sulfate- and paraben-free, and it features elastin proteins that add glossiness and body to all hair types. And believe me, it works.

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