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There's a new girl in Zosia Mamet's life—albeit a slightly furry one. Just shy of nine months ago, the actress welcomed an adopted dog, Moose, a lab-hound mix (pictured below), into her Brooklyn home. "Rescuing an animal opens up your world in a whole new way," she says. "They're getting a life that's nowhere close to the one they would've had if you hadn’t stepped in."

Had Mamet not proverbially entered the picture, Moose could've easily been one of the 17 million animals killed annually by shelters across the United States. That's what prompted her to join the ranks of fellow celeb dog lovers Emmy Rossum and Amanda Seyfried and partner with Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) to raise awareness for animal rights.

In advance of her Strut Your Mutt walk this Saturday in N.Y.C. to help benefit the organization, we spoke to Mamet about her new best friend.

You're a dog lover. How did you get involved with BFAS?
"I've wanted a dog ever since I can remember, but my boyfriend [actor Evan Jonigkeit] was staunchly opposed for the longest time. We've been together for three years, and the entire time I've essentially been begging him for a dog. Just when I came to terms with the fact that we weren't going to have one for a really long time, this Christmas, he surprised me with Moose, who he had rescued from a shelter upstate. That opened my eyes to BFAS and the work that they do."

What's your role with BFAS specifically?
"Doing whatever I can. Right now, I'm hosting the Strut Your Mutt walk, but eventually, I want to get more involved on the ground. BFAS has a big base in Utah, where there are all sorts of rescue animals, from goats to kittens, so I want to visit there. Mostly, I spread awareness to people who may not realize how deeply important it is to rescue animals. One makes the most difference."

Why did you decide to name your dog Moose?
"During a long car ride once, Evan and I decided that, if we ever got a dog, a great name would be Moose—I think we must've passed a moose crossing or something. We stuck to the pact."

Zosia Mamet and Moose
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Zosia Mamet claimed that "rescuing an animal opens up your world in a whole new way," after adopting her lab-hound mix, Moose, from Best Friends Animal Society.


Did you grow up with dogs?
"When I was born, we had two dogs who were already much older and weren't very kid-friendly: a keeshond and a collie. They both passed away when I was pretty young. My dad had a poodle, but she was a cold creature. Poodles can be real fancy. I never really had a dog of my own."

Would you call Moose fancy?
"Not at all. She's not a dog that's groomed often. It's a straight-up bathtub, Dr. Bronner's situation. I am going to dress her up for Halloween, though. I've always thought she looks like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. I have to get some wings."

Why do you think people might be wary about adoption?
"I think people get anxious about uncertainty. There are a lot of variables in an animal's life that you haven't been privy to, and that's scary, but the same thing can be said for an animal that came from a pet store—there's no way of knowing for sure. It's all about the environment you give. If the animal is coming into a loving home, their life is only going to get better."

How do you deal with Moose when you travel?
We take her with us a lot. We're the parents who bring the kid to the bar—we'd rather be with her than not."

Click here to donate to Mamet's Strut Your Mutt fundraising page, and visit to learn more about the organization.