Zoë Saldana's Twins Are Quietly Adorable in This Beastie Boys Dubsmash

Zoe Saldana
Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

Just a few weeks ago, Zoë Saldana shared the sweetest shot of herself planting kisses on her 1-year-old twin boys, Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio, and now the mom of two is proving yet again why her family wins the cute prize with a throwback video of the little tots Dubsmashing with their parents.

"I'm only posting this Dubsmash because Simon Pegg insisted. He reminded me how much the crew laughed when I sent this video," the Star Trek star wrote in the caption to the adorable clip, which shows the actress and her husband Marco Perego holding their little cuties in baby holders and jamming out to "So What'cha Want" by the Beastie Boys. Watch it here:

The 38-year-old also gave a sweet shoutout to her late Star Trek co-star Anton Yelchin. "It was over a weekend while we were shooting Star Trek in Vancouver last summer," she explained. "Every time I see all the videos we all did it makes me think of Anton. We hope you get a laugh out of this."

We're keeping an eye out for more aw-worthy family snaps!

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