Zoe Saldana's Trainer Reveals How She Got Back Into Shape After Having Twins

Zoe Saldana workout selfie
Photo: Zoe Saldana/Facebook

Despite keeping a very low profile during her pregnancy, Zoë Saldana has become a sort of spokesperson for new mothers since giving birth, publicly documenting her journey to get back into shape. Whether she's working out at the gym or in her backyard, the actress takes her followers along with her, posting selfies and videos along with motivating captions.

And now, the woman behind all that hard work, trainer Ramona Braganza, is letting us in on exactly what Saldana has done to get back into fighting shape. Hint: It doesn't involve any treadmills.

"Our workouts were not only to get her feeling strong but looking fit again," Braganza tells People. "Zoë is not a big fan of the treadmill so for cardio, I focused on dance-based moves and boxing moves to get her heart rate up, kicks, leg lifts, plyometric combinations, and had her doing interval training if we did get on the cardio equipment."

Additionally, the mother to twins Cy and Bowie incorporated lots of ab moves as well as strength training. The duo focused on Pilates-based exercises for her core such as 100s, bicycles, and leg lifts, while using dumbbells to focus on the back and shoulders. And since abs are made in the kitchen, Saldana and husband Marco Perego focused on eating clean fare that included lots of organic veggies and healthier versions of some of her favorite Latin foods.

For more on how Saldana got back into shape after giving birth to twins, head over to people.com.

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