Credit: Billy Farrell/PatrickMcMullan

Dear Zoe Saldana, can we please swap closets? Seriously, whenever we see pictures of the actress, we can't help but need whatever she's got on. Now, in an interview with, Saldana opens up about her style, sharing her love of "dramatic" designers like Lacroix, Alaia and Givenchy and the "clean lines" of Calvin Klein. But she also has a soft spot for fledgling designers just starting out: "My advice for them is to never lose their vision. Our personal interpretation of art is what defines us and distinguishes us from each other," she says in the interview. One relatively new designer that's already made a huge impact in the fashion world and on the actress is Prabal Gurung. She notes, "Prabal Gurung has been a very good friend for many years. I am in awe of the way he has carried himself and his designs recently. It would be amazing to collaborate with him." Fingers crossed for this to happen stat! Check out the complete interview here.