By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 29, 2018 @ 9:00 am

Zoe Kravitz typically strays from the shadow of her famous mom and dad (actress Lisa Bonet and rock star Lenny Kravitz, respectively), but now, a month out from her 30th birthday and with a successful career of her own, the Big Little Lies star feels “like it’s a good time” to pay homage to her iconic roots.

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In the November 2018 issue of Rolling Stone, Kravitz recreates an image from the nude shoot Bonet did for the magazine 30 years prior (when she was 2 months pregnant with Zoe herself). Zoe appears nude on the cover, mirroring a photo of her mother from inside the 30-year-old issue.

“When I think of Rolling Stone, that’s always the image that pops into my head,” Zoe said. “It’s a really striking image of her. It’s beautiful.”

The cover of the 1988 “Hot Issue” featured a nearly nude Bonet, save for a billowy white blouse, but Kravitz wanted to recreate the photo within the story, as she insists her mom had initially wanted it for the cover.

“I think she was a little bummed when they used the shirt picture as the cover,” Kravitz explained. “I think she just thought, ‘I’m doing it, let’s do it!’ It’s less about the picture, and more about doing the thing my mom intended to do. That feels cool.”

Elsewhere in the 2018 issue, Kravitz pays tribute to her crooner dad as well. “I’ve kind of stayed away on purpose from referencing my parents, because I’ve been just trying to create my own identity,” she tells Rolling Stone. “But I feel like it’s a good time. I feel comfortable in my own skin. And it’s nice to do that homage to them. Because I love them! They’re my parents!”

Speaking of love, Kravitz has some big news of her own: she's engaged! The 29-year-old confirmed to the magazine that her actor boyfriend Karl Glusman, 30, proposed last February.