Zoe Kravitz
Credit: Photographed by Stas Komarovski, courtesy of The EDIT,

A number of unethical auditions have come to light recently in Hollywood as people feel increasingly emboldened to speak out against questionable casting ethics.

And when Zoë Kravitz graced the cover of Net-a-Porter's digital magazine The Edit's June 15 issue, she chose to speak up about some of the challenging casting experiences she has faced firsthand.

Kravitz, whose parents are Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, now boasts an impressive filmography that includes Big Little Lies and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but as she has experienced a fair share of negative auditions.

Zoe Kravitz - The Edit - Embed -1
Credit: Photographed by Stas Komarovski; courtesy of The EDIT;

In fact, Kravitz once wasn't even allowed to audition for a role in a superhero franchise. The reasoning? She was told that she wouldn't be right because the casting directors weren't "going urban."

“I’m sure it would still happen now,” she said. “When my name is brought up in a casting office, I’m sure the fact that I’m black comes up in discussions."

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Credit: Photographed by Stas Komarovski; courtesy of The EDIT;

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only time Kravitz encountered this kind of backlash. "I just read a script in which there were two couples, and one was written as black. When I talked to the directors, they said I should play the wife of the black guy," she said. "It’s insane that they still think the black girl needs to be married to the black guy, and everyone else is white. Their thinking is so compartmentalized.”

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Kudos to Kravitz for managing to shine through regardless of others' actions and for speaking up about it.

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