Zoë Kravitz Was Once Denied an Audition for Batman for Being "Too Urban"

She's your new Catwoman.

News of Zoë Kravitz's new role as Selina Kyle in The Batman (alongside Robert Pattinson) made headlines yesterday, but it's not her first brush with Batman fame. According to a 2015 interview with Nylon, Kravtiz explained that she was actually denied an audition for Christopher Nolan's take on the superhero flick.

"In the last Batman movie [The Dark Knight Rises], they told me that I couldn't get an audition for a small role they were casting because they weren't 'going urban,'" she said.

Twitter user clementine posted yesterday's casting news with 2015's headline, calling it "reparations" for what Kravtiz had to endure.

Zoe Kravitz Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

According to Variety, Zazie Beetz and Eiza González were also in the runnings for the role of Catwoman, proving that director Matt Reeves is taking the series in a new direction. In addition to Kravitz and Pattinson, Jonah Hill has also been cast in the film. Fans are already interested to see what Kravtiz can bring to the role, which was previously played by big names such as Eartha Kitt, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Fans are calling for either Rihanna or Zendaya to play Poison Ivy in the film, as well. Rihanna has voiced an interest in the role, telling Entertainment Tonight that she's "obsessed" with the character and even dyed her hair red because of Uma Thurman's take on the villain. The comments came after she posted an Instagram of her shoe, writing, "Bat-mobile, but make it fashion!"

"That [post] has to do a lot with Batman [because] I have separate obsessions," Rihanna revealed. "I have bigger obsession with Poison Ivy, I'm just being honest. And yeah, I died my hair red because of Uma Thurman in the original."

If fans get what they want, this new Batman universe is shaping up to be very, very different from anything Christopher Nolan dreamed up.

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