By Alexis Bennett
Updated Feb 24, 2016 @ 6:45 pm
Credit: Zendaya/Instagram

Zendaya celebrated being the face of Chi last night in New York City, and as usual she looked stunning from head to toe. The 19-year-old rocked a geometric print dress with Christian Louboutin heels, and she took a break from her blonde pixie and decided to serve major curls for the girls.

We haven't seen anyone consistently wow as well as Zendaya (even in a blonde mullet) so we had to find out how she manages to stun on every single red carpet. Besides keeping the moisturizing Chi Argan Oil ($22; and the brand's amazing creative director and stylist, Law Roach, on her side, she revealed that there are three things that she always keeps in mind before facing the flashing lights.

Avoid an Awkward Expression
Zendaya's trick for never getting caught with an unflattering grimace? "Pick one face and stick with it," stressed the singer. "Do not switch it up. The second you decide to change it is when they get a bad picture and before you know it it’s all over the Internet."

Be Aware of How You Move
"Walk really slow, because they’ll always try to get your attention," she said of her laser-focus when posing for photographers at an event, adding that you'll never see her with her mouth open wide or yelling. “You can’t catch me slippin’.”

Enlist a Friend
Lastly, "Always make sure there’s someone with you to check your teeth, check your nose, check your hair," she said, "because you can’t see yourself."

And if you're wondering how she confidently pulls off so many daring looks, she says it's all about loving yourself. "That doesn’t mean you're arrogant, or cocky, or selfish. You’re supposed to be in love with yourself. You’re supposed to look at yourself and say, 'Dang, girl! You look good!'"