Zendaya Makes a Heartwarming Selfless Birthday Wish

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Yesterday Zendaya Coleman celebrated turning 19 years old, and while most teenagers are looking forward to partying and gifts, the selfless star was more concerned about what she could do for others.

Coleman took to Instagram (below) to share her one birthday wish with her more than 11 million followers. The Disney actress posed in a picture with a family that she met while in Africa, and in the caption she typed, "I met this family. A family where a young man, only a couple years older than me, cares for his two little brothers by himself since their parents have died from AIDS."

Their story touched the "Replay" singer, who decided to do whatever she could to help. "My family found power bars in our backpacks for the kids and gave them whatever we had on us so they could at least buy some new clothes, but leaving them ... I knew that was certainly not enough," Coleman continued. "I don't think anyone should have to live this way especially not children."

In order to make a lasting impression Coleman decided to rally her fans to help truly make a difference. "Of course there's a lot of poverty, and I wish I could help everyone ... but I want to start with this extremely deserving family," she said. "Please help me by going to my crowdrise page and donating whatever you can."

To find out how to get involved and show your support visit the CrowdRise page here.

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