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Updated Mar 05, 2016 @ 9:00 am
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Season two of K.C. Undercover premieres on Sunday, March 6, which means that the series’ resident BFFs—played by Zendaya and Veronica Dunne—are back on your screens. But as fans of Disney’s undercover teenage spy series already know, the duo’s friendship doesn’t stop when the cameras turn off. They’re good pals IRL, too.

The 21-year-old Dunne recently stopped by InStyle’s New York City headquarters and she revealed her favorite thing about working with her teen queen co-star. “Zendaya is a sweetheart, and she’s so down-to-earth,” said Dunne. “It’s also really cool that she’s a producer on our show, because there aren’t a lot of 19-year-old producers out there. She definitely gives a voice to our generation—and that makes the show feel unique.”

This season, expect to see Dunne’s character, Marisa, take on a more mature outlook on life. “Marisa is really just interested in boys, fashion, and partying, so she comes off as shallow sometimes—but as this season starts, you see a little more depth to her,” said Dunne. “She’s growing up and deciding to be a better person.” Marisa’s heart may ultimately be in the right place, but her motives are still questionable at times. “For a few episodes this season, she starts to volunteer and help out in the community,” said Dunne. “It’s definitely something you wouldn’t expect, but she’s only doing it at first because there’s a cute boy working there.”

Ultimately, Marisa “realizes she actually likes it,” said Dunne, and it’s one of many major turning points for her character. “You really get to see beneath the surface and learn about some of her insecurities,” Dunne said. “She comes across as super confident and like she has everything together, but she has insecurities just like any normal teenager—and I think that’s important for girls out there to see.” Before you learn more about her character in season two of K.C. Undercover (Sundays, 8 p.m. ET on Disney), scroll down for seven things to know about Dunne.

1. When it comes to fashion, she’s all about the accessories.
“I splurge the most on bags and boots,” said Dunne. “I don’t spend a lot on heels, because I don’t wear them that often. But I can always go for booties or a Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee situation.”

2. She prefers one-of-a-kind pieces to trendier styles.
“I love to vintage shop,” said Dunne. “I really enjoy digging through piles of clothes and creating unique outfits by pairing certain statement pieces with some cool vintage items.”

3. Her red carpet style icon is another blonde bombshell.
“I think Kate Hudson is incredible,” said Dunne. “Every time I see her on the red carpet, I think that she can’t look better—but then another event rolls around, and she does! She is just flawless.”

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4. She takes being a good role model very seriously.
“It is a lot of responsibility to have so many young girls paying attention to what you say and what you do, but it’s also such a blessing in a way,” said Dunne. “I just want to give them as much positive affirmation as I can and show young girls that you don’t have to be perfect—especially growing up in a society where you can open your phone and see perfection everywhere you turn. I’m happy to use my voice to tell kids out there that it’s okay to be who you are.”

5. When it comes to crushing on Hollywood’s hotties, age is nothing but a number.
“For some reason, all of my celebrity crushes are over 40,” said Dunne. “Right now, I really love Fitz from Scandal. I recently saw [Tony Goldwyn] at a restaurant and almost had a heart attack being in the same room as President Fitz. I ran to the bathroom to touch up my makeup, and then went over to his table to say hi. It was amazing.”

6. Her beauty arsenal contains a mix of high- and low-end products.
Giorgio Armani foundation is my number one, because it gives you that dewy look but you still have coverage,” said Dunne. “I have it in so many shades since I’m either super tan or really pale depending on the time of year. Then for mascara, I love Cover Girl’s LashBlast. I don’t think anything can compete with drugstore mascara.”

7. She knows the value of a good workout.
“I have an addiction to SoulCycle, and it’s digging into my bank account,” joked Dunne. “I can’t get enough of it—the music, the energy, the people. I used to work out to be skinny, but I’m at a point in my life now where I think it’s important to work out to just feel good and strong. And that’s how I feel after SoulCycle—like I’m empowered and can conquer the world.”