By Jonathan Borge
Dec 07, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

It’s a serious question that has forever plagued societal notions of what’s considered appropriate: Should you tell someone there’s something out of place about their appearance?

What if your friend has a giant piece of spinach in their teeth? What if someone’s fly is unknowingly unzipped? What if a person has a visible booger?

It’s a legitimate dilemma but, thanks to Zendaya, you’re one step closer to handling such a situation in the best manner possible. In a recent interview with FilmWebTV, our January 2018 InStyle cover girl was gearing up to chat about her new flick, The Greatest Showman, with Zac Efron when the unimaginable occurred: She spotted something out of place.

Basically, the actress noticed that the reporter had a section of hair flying upward that was seriously hard to miss, so she paused, looked directly at him, and fixed it. “Hold on really quick—I don’t want to be weird,” she said. “This is gonna bother me. You have one piece of hair ... I got you.”

“I was like, ‘He’s going to be mad about it when he sees it later! I got you,” she told others in the room.

The reported thanked her, the interview commended, and we found another reason to love her.

Can we be friends, Zendaya?