Zendaya Says Her Euphoria Character Influenced Her Style, but She Can't Embrace It Just Yet

It has to do with geography.

Euphoria wasn't exactly what anyone would call a breakout role for Zendaya — what with her long résumé of shows and movies — but it was definitely one way she shed her Disney Channel pedigree. At an event celebrating Fendi's newest collection, Solar Dream, in New York City, surrounded by plaid pieces and well-known names like Dylan Sprouse, Barbara Palvin, and Jacob Elordi, she explained that Rue's style made its way into her closet, but since she's spending time on the East Coast now, she doesn't get a chance to show most of it off.

When asked about the show's influence on her wardrobe, Zendaya explained that she's fully embraced the comfort afforded by a closet full of vintage T-shirts and oversized sweaters.

"I think Rue has a lot of really cool vintage pieces that made me want to start getting more vintage T-shirts and things like that," she said. "She definitely came through for me in the comfort side of my style."

Zendaya Fendi Event
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The "comfort side" includes Zendaya wearing things like shorts under gowns when she hits the red carpet and opting for looser silhouettes instead of skin-skimming siren dresses (though she's been known to sport those, too).

"Trends are like, 'What's the point?'" she explained when asked about forgoing comfort for bonus style points.

Zendaya Fendi Event
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But she says that she can't quite show off all her vintage finds at the moment. Having decamped to New York for the time being, her treasure trove of tees is hiding behind her new obsession: coats.

"I'm able to wear coats, which, living in L.A., what's the point of even having one?" she said. "I can wear layers, but now I got the cool T-shirts and nobody can see my T-shirts."

Zendaya also took a moment to reflect on her history with Fendi — a brand open to collaboration, we might add — and the possibility of returning to designing herself. She previously had her own fashion line, the size-inclusive Daya by Zendaya, and worked with Tommy Hilfiger on a capsule collection. She's not guaranteeing fans that she's returning to the fashion world, but she didn't rule it out completely, either.

"My first Fendi show as in Rome at the Colosseum," she said of her relationship with the storied Italian label. "It was a very very magical and special moment. They definitely bring that to everything they do. There's no lack of elegance. It was stunning."

With reporting by Samantha Sutton.

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