Zendaya's Hair Flip Has Cindy Crawford's Seal of Approval

Zendaya x Cindy Crawford Beauty - Embed 1
Photo: zendaya/Instagram

Sometimes all it takes is a perfectly executed hair flip to make a meh hair day a great one. Have doubts about this basic but effective trick? Look no further than Zendaya’s post-flip selfie on Instagram. The actress’ snap demonstrates how much volume and effortlessly tousled texture turning your head upside down can truly give you.

Sure, over one million likes on Zendaya’s ‘gram is proof enough that she can whip her hair like no other, but since her flip caught the attention of legendary model Cindy Crawford, consider she a master. When Crawford caught the 20-year-old’s selfie in her feed, she posted one of her own iconic shots with her famous mussed-up waves in response with the caption “Uh yes @zendaya.”

Speaking of legends, when one recognizes your nonchalant style, the only appropriate response is to freak out, which Zendaya did on Twitter with a side-by-side photo of her and the model she captioned “ICONIC…Cindy taught me.”

It’s official: Zendaya and Crawford’s just made twinning hairstyles iconic.

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