Zendaya's New Year's Resolutions Are So Darn Relatable

Zendaya - Lead
Photo: Krista Kennell/Patrick McMullan via Getty

With 2017 right around the corner, we're definitely thinking of our resolutions for the year. Among them: what we can do to improve ourselves and how we can live our best lives. But we never decide those goals easily—especially if they require some major changes in how we're living currently. As always, Zendaya has a major key that we didn't initially consider: choosing smaller aims that are attainable and can make a big impact later on.

The K.C. Undercover lead shared her New Year's resolutions and the harmful routines she's looking to break in 2017 on her website. And they're all goals we can relate to. If you haven't thought of any yet, you may just want to take a page from Zendaya's book.

One we can absolutely identify with is Zendaya making up her mind to spend less time on her phone. "I'm definitely not the worst when it comes to looking at my phone," the star says. "Like, if I'm chilling with somebody, I won't be staring at my screen the whole time. But my mom recently took a pic of me looking down at my phone when were out to dinner. She captioned it, 'dinner with @zendaya and her phone.' Sorry, mom! I just start scrolling and tune everybody out. Seriously, I've gotta do a detox."

Doing better with answering phone calls, eating a real breakfast, and remembering to take her vitamins are among her other goals for 2017. We think she's going to nail them all!

Head over to Zendaya's site and check out the full list via a subscription to her app ($3 per month).

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