Ever since Coachella, we at InStyle can't stop buzzing about Zella Day, the 21-year-old singer from the mountains of Arizona whose Southwestern-tinged pop and psychedelic style is the stuff of bohemian dreams. Ahead of her headlining show at Rough Trade in N.Y.C.'s Williamsburg on Thursday, she dropped by InStyle HQ to talk fashion, beauty, and, of course, her new album, Kicker, in a live broadcast on our Facebook page. Hit play to watch the full video above, and read on for five fun facts we learned from the interview.

1. Zella Day is her real name.

"I was named after the main coal miner's wife in Jerome, Ariz. My parents wandered into the Jerome Historical Society one day and looked at a yearbook of all the settlers there. At the time, my mom was also obsessed with Daniel Day-Lewis, so that's where 'Day' comes from."

2. The White Stripes were a big musical influence.

"There was something romantic about two people being onstage and making all of that noise. Being one person from a small place, it gave me faith that I could do something similar alone."

Credit: Kyleen James

3. She drinks a gallon of water a day.

"It's my biggest beauty trick. It flushes out my skin so everything stays really balanced and I'm not breaking out on the road."

4. The '60s is her favorite decade.

"I'm intrigued by the natural beauty. I was around a lot of women growing up, like my mother and grandmother, who don't wear a lot of makeup and rely on food and water and exercise. The '60s were about liberating yourself from the '50s, which were more made-up, so I fall back on that mentality of just being yourself."

5. She burns incense whenever she performs onstage.

"Scent is important. I lean on anything that's familiar when I'm out on the road, and it brings me right back home."