By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Feb 25, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Gigi Hadid LEAD 3
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If you thought there was any girl on Zayn Malik's mind aside from his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, prepare to be proven wrong. The model starred in the singer's first music video, "Pillowtalk," and now it looks like she's reprising her role in his second.

Today, Malik posted a teaser from his "It's You" video, and although we can't see the leading lady's face, it's safe to say that it's Hadid. "'It's You' video drops with Mind of Mine Pre Order at Midnight EST on @applemusic tonight !!!!" he captioned the black and white short, which shows a tall, slender blonde with long hair walking towards a vintage Mercedes. Malik first debuted the song when he performed it live on The Tonight Show.

Face or not, it's hard to mistake that signature walk—after all, it has graced countless runways all over the world. And based on the fact that Malik and Hadid are more than open about their feelings for each other (and the fact that "Pillowtalk" was a roaring success), it would come as no shock that he would choose his lovely girlfriend for his second single. We'll just have to wait 'til tonight at midnight to find out.