How Zayn Malik Learned to Cope with His Anxiety

Zayn Malik is all too familiar with the struggles of life with anxiety. But, as he explained in a recent interview with Us Weekly, everything is easier when you're open and honest about your feelings.

As for how he manages his hectic day-to-day life in the limelight? By "just being straight up," he told Us Weekly. "Just being honest about everything, explaining what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, what it is that you're cool with. And making sure that all of that is in order and everyone's got a clear understanding of what that is."

The 24-year-old added that publicly addressing his mental health issues has benefited him in ways he never could have imagined. "I feel like it was only a positive impact on everything that happened after it and people now have a better perspective on where I was coming from at the time and just an understanding that it wasn't coming from necessarily being ungrateful, shall we say, or not aware of the opportunities that were in front of me, it was just me struggling with being able to actually be there," he explained.

He went on: "I'm definitely glad I got that off my chest, as anybody is when you feel like you're keeping something from someone you have to speak about it and clear up the air."

And we imagine dating Gigi Hadid doesn't hurt either!

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