Zayn Malik Tattoos
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Zayn Malik went through a very public split with model Gigi Hadid earlier this year, but his new music doesn’t seem to be about heartbreak. The singer dropped a new song, “Let Me,” on Thursday along with a corresponding music video, and there’s no mention of a relationship gone wrong. Instead, Zayn fights for his girl in the accompanying visuals.

If this wasn’t enough to speculate on, the singer also cast a female star in the music video who looks a lot like his ex, Gigi Hadid. Coincidence?

“Baby let me be your man / So I can love you / And if you let me be your man / Then I’ll take care of you, you / For the rest of my life, for the rest of yours,” he sings on the track. It definitely doesn’t seem like a guy who just went through a tough (public) breakup.

The video isn’t all fairytale romance though: Zayn also has to beat up a few guys to get away from the baddies, and his lady love is almost compromised in the fight—until we find out she has killer fighting skills of her own. Is it just a coincidence that his ex Gigi happens to be a skilled boxer?

There’s no way to know if Zayn wrote the song before the breakup, or if this is his way of saying he wants her back. Perhaps Gigi was even supposed to originally star in the music video, as she has in his videos past. Either way, these two seem to be handling their split with grace.