By Bee Shapiro
Updated Mar 04, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
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What with the success of gender-bending pop culture icons and hit unisex fragrances, it was only time for a similarly-minded clothing line to go mainstream. Zara has quietly released a new collection called Ungendered. Part of its TRF section, the Spanish retailer has struck gold (and proven that its finger is quite literally on the zeitgeist's pulse point) with this excellent collection of basics.

With pieces like a slouchy unisex sweatshirt (above) to tapered jogging trousers just trim enough to run errands in without looking sloppy (below), the loungewear aesthetic is sure to fit in well with sportswear minded spring trends. Wear them dressed up with heels or a killer bomber jacket on the weekdays, or don them for the low-key weekend life they seem to have been designed for.

Credit: Courtesy

Perhaps best of all, prices range from $15.90 for a flowing t-shirt to $49.90 for unisex jeans (so long boyfriend jeans!), which means adding a few Ungendered pieces will be as easy as the relaxed silhouettes.

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