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Lifestyle destination and slow-fashion crusader Zady first spearheaded the "Sourced In" movement last year, which demanded that brands be transparent about each step of the apparel-making process and be held accountable for environmental and ethical practices. To prove that it practices what it preaches, the brand launched its own private Essentials Collection, complete with behind-the-scenes photo documentation and video footage.

One wear-everywhere sweater and a worn-in tee later, Zady has now introduced the latest piece of merchandise that follows the same conscious protocols of the two prior—a perfect linen tee named ".03 The Linen Jersey Shirt," which is available for $45 at

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And linen, as it turns out, has the lowest carbon footprint of all materials. For the making of this shirt, the brand sourced flax seeds from Normandy, France and produced the fabric in Barcelos, Portugal before taking it to Morganton, North Carolina for production.

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Learn about the story behind the tee at, where you can, in good conscious, purchase one for yourself.