By Meredith Lepore
Updated May 19, 2016 @ 8:15 am
Zac Efron - Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Zac Efron in a wet shirt? Sounds good to us.

On Wednesday, the Neighbors 2 star stopped by The Tonight Show and faced off against host Jimmy Fallon in a game of Water War. The duo donned wigs—an ode to Efron's real-life hairstyle from eighth grade—to play. The rules are the same as the card game War, but with higher stakes. The two players each draw a card and whoever has the lower one gets a glass of water thrown on him.

Things started off a bit rough for Efron: He got the first glass of water to the face (though, luckily, his wig came off after that). Fallon took the next one, but Efron then got a few more—resulting in a drenched shirt. When an audience member screamed, "Take your shirt off!" Fallon joked, without missing a beat, "No, I can't! I have a show to do! I apologize."

Likely drawing from extended personal experience, Efron offered the host a little advice. "Whenever anyone asks you that just say, 'After you,'" he told Fallon.

After Fallon took another round, he decided to pour the water onto his opponent's lap. "You're not going anywhere tonight are you?" Fallon asked while laughing. Then it was time for the pitcher round. Finally, Efron scored and poured the water all over Fallon's head. But Fallon got his revenge: He won the game and got to use a Super Soaker on Efron.

Watch Efron and Fallon's Water War in the above video.