Simone Biles & Zac Efron LEAD
Credit: zacefron/Instagram

Be still, our beating hearts. On Tuesday, the world collectively swooned when record-breaking Olympic gymnast Simone Biles was surprised by her childhood crush, Zac Efron, and even got a kiss on the cheek from the heartthrob. During an appearance on the Today show Wednesday morning, Efron explained why he flew all the way down to Brazil to see Simone in person—and the reason is just as heart-melting as the adorable photos.

The Neighbors star said that when he first heard that Biles was a fan, he decided to start watching her compete. “I kind of started hearing I guess from just everybody. Just various people started telling me that she was a fan, and so I started watching all the gymnastics. I typically wouldn’t start watching gymnastics first, I’d say, in the Olympics, but I was immediately captivated by these girls and what they were doing.”

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“They have such heart, you know? There was clearly something special that was going on. I was really excited to come,” Efron said.

The swoon-worthy actor continued to pay his respect to Team U.S.A. and the gold medal-winning Final Five. When Today hosts thanked him for making Biles’s day, he was quick to shift the focus back onto their accomplishments. “Thank you to the girls,” he said.

We didn’t think we could have a bigger crush on this thoughtful star. Watch his interview in the clip above.