By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 10:30 am
Simone Biles and Zac Efron - Lead
Credit: simonebiles/Instagram

It looks like Zac Efron has some steep competition for the heart of America's gold-medal-winning sweetheart Simone Biles.

In case you missed it, the cutest story of the Rio Olympics began last week after the Olympic gymnast admitted to harboring a giant crush on the hunky actor. A few days later they exchanged a series of adorable tweets, and on Tuesday Efron hopped on a plane to Brazil and surprised his famous fan in a meeting that resulted in the most heartwarming series of cheek kisses we've ever seen.

And just as we were ready to watch Efron and Biles ride off on a pommel horse into the sunset together, a third character, Brazilian gymnast Arthur Nory Mariano, vaulted onto the scene.

On Wednesday the equally hunky suitor (and confirmed platonic friend) shared a photo of him kissing Biles on the cheek, along with a caption jokingly claiming Biles's heart as his own.

"Hey @zacefron I saw her first... She is my girl," he wrote alongside the photo. "Proud of you Simone! You are phenomenal in whole world and special. You made history. Love u."

Your move, Efron! See more photos of Biles with her "Brazilian Boyfriend" below.