By Olivia Bahou
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: zacefron/Instagram

For $20, you can look like Zac Efron—though the plane ticket to Dubai might cost a little more. The Baywatch star traveled to the United Arab Emirates on behalf of Hugo Boss, and when he wasn’t performing his official duties, Efron was flaunting his rock hard abs around the desert of Dubai.

The actor and his bulging muscles took to Instagram to chronicle his journey, and we’re going to take his word for it that it was simply too hot for a shirt. And while it’s not yet Hump Day, this shot of him posing with a camel is simply too good to wait.

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The thirst trap also showed off a close-up of his on-point desert look, in case you need some Coachella inspiration. Efron paired mirrored sunnies with a red and white head wrap and cropped black pants. And yes, those are The Ellen DeGeneres Show boxers ($20; peeking out over his trousers (Ellen DeGeneres swears they aren’t photoshopped).

Credit: zacefron/Instagram

Real talk: have you ever been more jealous of a camel?