Zac Efron Invited Paris Jackson to the Baywatch Premiere for the Sweetest Reason

Zac Efron may have unknowingly broken Paris Jackson’s heart eight years ago, but we’d say he’s more than making up for it now. Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter told Jimmy Fallon last week that she went to a High School Musical Live concert to see Efron perform, only to find out he was off filming Hairspray.

“That was, like, the most depressing part about it. He wasn’t there, and I was, like, this heartbroken 10-year-old,” she said.

While Efron had no idea of the pain he was causing, he has a solution to attempt to make amends. “I’m so sorry,” he said to E! on Tuesday, hoping the message would reach Jackson. “I’ll make sure I’m [there] next time if you come to visit. You should come to the Baywatch premiere!”

Talk about a hell of a consolation prize. Here’s to hoping Jackson takes him up on the offer and finally gets to meet her childhood crush.

Hey, Zac, if you’re listening, you broke our hearts, too.

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