Everybody cries, even hunky, male movie stars like Zac Efron. The actor and his co-star Adam DeVine in his new film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates were talking about men crying on Conan on Thursday night. "There's a great over-the-top crying scene [in the movie]. And you know what's great? It's a guy's take on crying, which I thought was really nice and it comes from your observations on how guys cry," said Conan.

Devine said he always thought it was odd in other movies when an actor would just shed one single tear. "Like The Lord of the Rings tear," said Efron. "I don't cry like that! Not me, my face explodes," said DeVine. "We're like emotional, ugly criers and we realized that on the same day filming because we were supposed to have a very intimate crying scene," added Efron.

O'Brien noted that there was this myth that women want to see men cry because it makes them seem more vulnerable, but the host did not believe that to be true. "They [women] do not! When they see that, they think, 'Oh, I cannot breed with him,'" he said, "Unbreedable!" said DeVine. Devine pointed out that women are better weepers, while men can't do that well, either.

"I think guys crying is actual cool. It's letting out emotions you need to let out. Everybody cries," said Efron. "Cry right now," said DeVine. "What are you putting me on the spot?" "Cry! Can you cry?" said O'Brien. Watch the clip above to see if Efron can cry on cue.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates hits theaters on July 8.