By Olivia Bahou
Apr 27, 2016 @ 10:45 am

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for giving back, and it looks like he’s rubbing off on fellow Baywatch actor Zac Efron: Johnson met with two children from the Make-a-Wish foundation yesterday and brought his hunky co-star along for the fun.

The lucky duo Ashley Rodriguez and Larry Orozco-Chaves's dream of meeting The Rock came to fruition when the former wrestler surprised the young fans with the visit, which he documented on Instagram. “I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me. Just know how grateful I am to share your time,” he wrote. “Always say this, because it’s true ... This is by far the best part of my fame.”

I mean there's cool dudes, and then there's COOL dudes. My buddy Larry Orozco-Chavez from Make-A-Wish is THAT cool dude. Such a pleasure getting to hang with him and his family today. We chopped up talkin' about video games (he's a hard core gamer), my WWE matches, movies, took selfies, shot videos on our phones of each other and his mom even asked me to bounce my pecs up and down! I mean don't threaten me with a good time, so I was pec poppin' all over the place much to the amusement of Larry's mama and much to the embarrassment of Larry himself😂. When I sat down with Larry, he said something to me that struck a chord. He said, "Dwayne Johnson (he often called me by my full name today which was awesome) when you walked in today my heart was beating so fast I didn't know what to do. Then you started talking to me and it slowed down and everything was good". I shared with him that that happens to me sometimes. I get so worked up before something big happens (shooting an intense scene, performing in front of 100,000 people at WrestleMania) that my heart feels like it's beating out of my chest, BUT the moment I realize "I got this" then all the angst goes away and I'm ready. So next time something like that happens with him, I told just remember "you got this", be calm, cool and you'll be ready. Made me think of everything this kid has been thru up to now - making him more stronger than many of us could ever imagine. We wrapped up our visit, I gave him a lil' gift and said our goodbyes. It was a real pleasure kickin' with you today, Larry. I can't begin to tell you what it means to me. Just know how grateful I am to share your time, your laughs and definitely grateful to have been able to pop my pecs for your family.😂 Stay cool and remember... you always "got this". #OnSet #Baywatch #MakeAWish #LarryOrozcoChavez #AndOneVeryLuckyBigBrownBaldDude

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Efron also shared his feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to hang out with the kids. “Thanks to @makeawishga and @therock for giving me the chance to hang with my new friends—Ashley Rodriguez—the cutie who taught me to hold up the heart sign—and Larry Orozco-Chavez—who loves #Fifa and @KobeBryant even more than I do,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “#Baywatch is brighter now.”

These big-muscled stars also have big hearts.