You've Never Worn Lip Liner Quite Like Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

On duty, Georgia May Jagger is known as Rimmel London’s spokeswoman, off-duty, the 24-year-old model doesn’t follow the rules when it comes to applying her own makeup, which always makes for an epically edgy look.

The crimson red eye makeup Jagger was wearing when we caught up with her at the Delete Blood Cancer DKMS Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York on May 5, is one such way the model likes to bend beauty standards and you’ll never believe the product she used to create the unexpected look: Rimmel London’s Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Under My Spell ($6; “There was a period after I first started modelling that I wasn’t as into experimenting with makeup and then it sort of comes in waves and changes. Now, I basically put lipstick on my eyes and eyeshadow on my lips. Right now I’m actually wearing a lip liner,” she said. “So now, most of the time I do things like that and also using things as a stain. I do it more for the colors. You always get dark green, navy, or black liner, but you don’t necessarily get red, pink, or anything like that.”

Although she favors “mental eye makeup,” Jagger keeps the rest of her routine low-key and simple. “I think my approach is really natural skin care and not so natural makeup because you can never find the pigments you want in organic things. I really like a shop in the East Village in New York called Live Live & Organic. They make an all-in-one face wash and shampoo product called Outer Body Experience ($25;, and I like it because it’s quite natural.

Jagger also shared her tips for keeping her “gringe” aka her grown-out fringe under control. She wets her bangs and lets them air dry naturally, followed by twisting the sides of her fringe with her thumb and index finger in an inwards motion. “She [Alex Brownsell, Jagger’s friend and founder of London salon Bleach] taught me how to do it, the fake mullet, because I really wanted a mullet, but it’s like a fake mullet!” she said.

Off-kilter beauty techniques are something that runs in the family. Jagger noted her supermodel mom Jerry Hall has a unique way of applying eyeliner that’s she’s never seen anyone else do before. “Mum does something crazy which I don’t, and can’t do. She’s really good at doing liquid eyeliner and when she does a cat-eye, she literally turns her head sideways and draws it in a straight line. She says it works for her because of the angle your hand is at,” Jagger says. “ She’s from the generation where you did your own hair and makeup and you couldn’t rely on other people, so you had to be good at doing it or you wouldn’t look as good as everyone else. I think there’s a lot to be said for that.”

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