Your Selfie Skills Can Score You a Custom-Fitted Eyelash Curler

Customized Lash Curler
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You can get custom-blended skin serum, personalized sneakers, and now, your lashes can get in on the bespoke treatment with a curler specifically customized for your own eye shape---all you have to do is put your best selfie skills to good use.

Because not every eye is shaped exactly the same, certain lash curlers that your BFF swears by may not live up to the expectations of your own set. Adele Bakhtiarova and her company Voir Creations set out to resolve this problem with a tailor-made lash curler unique to your own peepers, and unlike getting fitted for a couture gown, the measurements can be made from the comfort of your own vanity.

To determine exactly which pieces and sizes to use, Bakhtiarova developed an app that creates a 3D model of your face, meaning you just have to channel your inner Kim Kardashian and snap a series of selfies from different angles that clearly show off your eyes. Who says those gratuitous self-shots on your camera don't serve a purpose now?

Once the pictures are sent off, custom fitted-pieces are then 3-D printed and assembled by hand. Although each tool is tailored to fit your eye specifically, the design of each curler leaves the metal bars on either side out of the equation as they tend to pinch the eyelid, and is equipped with a flexible silicone pad to ensure your lashes follow a curved shape instead of a harsh right angle. The best part? Instead of a couture price tag, the Voir Creations custom lash curler can be yours for just $25 once the company's development phase is finished. But you can sign up right now to get your name on the waiting list, see sneak peeks, and get updates on the process via email at In the meantime, we'll work on practicing our best angles, which may or may not end up somewhere in the #FeelingBeautiful trending topic if we're especially feeling our look today...

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