Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Michel Dufour/Getty Images

Could shorter hair be a sign of a fatter wallet? According to U.K.-based celebrity hairstylist Stuart Phillips, the uptick in bobs and pixie styles, like Lily Collins's major chop, may indicate that the economy is starting to recover, with many of his clients opting for looks that require more upkeep and product, the Sunday Times reports. "Products are flying off the shelf, more than they used to even a few months ago," he tells the newspaper. "With short hair, you need to keep it in shape. With long hair, a lot of women tend to leave it months on end."

Not so fast, says celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle. Rather than focusing on the new cuts, dramatic shifts in shade like Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto’s platinum strands could be more indicative of an economic bounce-back.

"If we are using hair as our method, I would look more at color trend instead of cuts---color definitely needs a budget behind it," he tells us. "Rooty ombrés and balayage required minimal salon visits and very low maintenance in the past. Now, we are seeing more double-processed blondes, which require high upkeep." And a whole new arsenal of products, at that.

If you're starting with a dark base like both stars did, a purple toning shampoo is a must, and your existing conditioner should be swapped for a color-safe formula. "Judging by this, I would agree that the economy is on a rise," Sprinkle adds. It looks like the saying is true---blondes really do have more fun funds ...