Glamglow Flashmud
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Fact: Anytime our skin is acting up, a 10-minute session with a Glamglow mask usually clears up the issue. With masks to tackle just about everything from breakouts to anti-aging, we're not the only believers---Glamglow's Supermud has long been the most-popular skin-care product at Sephora, and upon being introduced in Nordstrom, the line quickly climbed to the top of the most-popular brand charts.

Earlier this year, daily-use face washes were introduced and come June a bright new addition will be joining the royal ranks (and we're not referring to mini-monarch No. 2). Enter Flashmud, the brand's first-ever brightening mask that gives immediate results. Flashmud is jam-packed with potent ingredients like white birch leaf, white wild rose flower, lactic acid derived from sugarcane, and white peony root among many other glow-inducing actives, which give an immediate luminous effect as soon as you wash the mask off.

Rather than applying the product a few times a week, co-founder and co-creative director Glenn Dellimore recommends using Flashmud three days in a row to start, then dialing it down to two to three times a week depending on your needs. The product also boasts an innovative compound called Flashlucent, which was developed by the brand and dramatically improves the translucency of your complexion with each use.

The mud itself has tiny exfoliating granules blended into the formula, which act as a pre-mask scrub; you can literally work the mud in circular motions on your face to open your pores and allow more ingredients to be absorbed, then allow your complexion to soak in its magic for 10 minutes. Though we're eager to add Flashmud to our skin-care kit ASAP, the summer launch date is actually perfect---we'll be putting it into heavy rotation to give our skin some TLC after time spent at the beach.

Find Glamglow Flashmud for $69 a jar at Sephora and starting in June (and fingers crossed that the formula will get a mud-to-foam cleanser counterpart shortly after).