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British interior designer Kit Kemp and her husband Tim own a stable of chic boutique hotels, including the Crosby Street Hotel in N.Y.C. and the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. Arguably, the color-splashed, homey, yet of-the-moment interiors at their nine properties is what makes each of the places so memorable. For those guests who hound the concierge for fabric swatches and paint color names to take home with them (truly), listen up: Kemp now has a line of her own at Anthropologie called Folkthread which includes wallpapers, furniture, and rugs.

"I love folk art and handmade crafts, including embroidery, collage, and beautiful materials that last and feel good," explains Kemp, who often employs animal motifs in her designs and introduces graphic contrasts with bright piping on upholstered pieces.

Sleek yet rustic oak furniture, from side tables to windowed hutches, have geometric cutouts and use natural wood grain as part of their textural appeal. On several of the tables, inlaid brass rulers punctuate the surfaces.

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Bold patterns with ethnic influences are a Kemp favorite, as with this striped wallpaper, which the fearless designer would most likely pair with a patterned kilim rug.

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"Interiors should be fun, so let's enjoy the color," says Kemp. We'd happily hang out in one of her super-inviting, personality-filled rooms any day.