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Lip Waxing - Lead
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So many considerations when thinking about facial hair. If you experience that noticeable peach fuzz or a not-so-cute shadow, than you know this not-so-pleasant waxing treatment has a tendency to leave behind troublesome small pimples, irritation and sometimes even cold sores. With waxers suggesting maintaining your “lady mustache” (don’t be ashamed—it’s totally normal!) every 3-4 weeks, we’ve created the ultimate lip waxing guide to ensure you leave the salon with a soft and silky smooth upper lip every time. Scroll down to see exactly how.

Use a Pre-Wax Cleanser and Oil
To ensure a successful wax without post-irritation or infection, clean skin is crucial. Ask you waxer to apply a pre-wax cleanser and oil directly to your skin before proceeding to remove the hair with the hot wax. We love Clean + Easy Cleanse Pre-Wax Cleanser ($14; sleekhair.com), which effectively clears away any traces of makeup, oil, sweat or bacteria from the skin. Once the skin is clean, apply an oil to further prepare the skin. Opt for GiGi Pre Epilation Oil ($8; sleekhair.com), a lightweight formula that protects and conditions the skin to assure the hot wax only adheres to the hair and avoids damaging the sensitive lip skin in the process.

Use Baby Powder Before Waxing
Since you upper lip is an oily spot, adding a touch of baby powder can also minimize the risk of post-wax pimples and irritation. The baby powder works to soak up any moisture or perspiration, which in turn helps to grasp the toughest hairs.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol Post-Wax
Once your lip wax is complete, ask your waxer to apply rubbing alcohol on the area. Rubbing alcholol helps close the open pores, which will lessen the risk of post-wax breakouts.

Mind What You Put on the Skin Post-Wax
Trying to hide the fact that you just got waxed could be a difficult feat. To conceal any redness or noticeable irritation test out an aloe and Vitamin E-infused calming formula. We love European Wax Center Calming Cream ($17; waxcenter.com) and GiGi Skin Calming Lotion ($10; sleekhair.com), which both double as moisturizers. If you find yourself with a painful cold sore post-wax, apply a natural antiseptic like The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ($10; ulta.com) or try an A+D Ointment ($11; drugstore.com) or Cortizone Cream ($7; target.com) to help sooth any irritation or inflammation.

Test Out a Lip-Waxing Alternative
If waxing isn't your thing, don't fret! There are plenty of other hair removal options out there. Try a depilatory cream like the Nair Precision Kit for Face & Upper Lip Moroccan Argan Oil ($6, amazon.com), which is an at-home hair removal option with long-lasting results. For a more permanent and painless effect, go with a professional laser removal option. You can even bleach your lip hairs so they don't appear as dark and apparent.