Move aside young Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, we’ve uncovered a new retro political hottie, and his name is Stephen Tyrone Colbert.

At 53, Colbert is a distinguished and be-spectacled gentleman who bears a likeness to Full House alum Bob Saget—but back in the day, Mr. Colbert was pure fire.

Meet young Stephen Colbert (aka your Thirsty Thursday personified):


Is this Stephen Colbert or a young Robert Downey Jr.?

Those suspenders! That scarf! That look of youthful wonder! *Swoon*.

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While we’re on the topic, though, there’s something else you need to see…

Are you ready?

It may blow your mind.

The chances of recovery are slim to none.

It will completely change the way you see political satire.

Behold, young Jon Stewart: