By Meghan Blalock
Updated Feb 08, 2013 @ 1:07 pm
Side Effects
Credit: Courtesy Photo

In Side Effects, in theaters today, Rooney Mara plays a woman with severe depression who finds herself living in a nightmare when her medication leads to some unwanted effects. It’s not exactly a role that lends itself to elaborate costuming, but the actress took great consideration in how she wanted her character represented. “Costuming is so important to shaping the character,” Mara told at the New York premiere. “Me and Susan [Lyall], the costume designer, talked a lot about how we wanted her to be in comfortable, loose clothes because when I’m feeling sad or lazy, it’s hard for me to get dressed.” Screenwriter Scott Burns echoed her sentiment: “When people are depressed, they’re not as much about their sexuality as when they’re not,” Burns told us. And that was achieved through costuming, with the use of muted colors and baggier pieces. “It’s not like she’s wearing leather in Dragon Tattoo,” he added with a smile. Click here to see movie times near you.

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