You Has Officially Been Renewed for Season 3 — Here's What We Know So Far

Some familiar faces are back for round three.

UPDATE, Aug. 30, 2021: It's the most wonderful time of the year: You launch season. After nearly two years (!) away, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn will be returning to our Netflix queues for more killer hijinks. The fanfare-inducing release date in question? Oct. 15!

Not only do we have a season 3 release date, the Netflix gods have also blessed us with a teaser, narrated with Joe's signature voiceover. Aaaaand (very minor spoiler alert), it's revealed that Joe and Love have welcomed a new addition: a son named Henry.

P.S. Is this the most sinister cake ever baked? 10/10 would still indulge.


You season 2 spoilers below.

Everyone's favorite serial killer, Joe Goldberg/Will Bettelheim (depending on who you ask) will be returning to Netflix for season 3 of beloved binge watch You.

Can you imagine if they just let us hanging, wondering who Joe's mysterious new neighbor/target is for the rest of our days? (Everyone who thinks it's his mom can LEAVE.) Anyway, little is known about season 3 at this point — and honestly, we're still reeling from season 2 — but the third 10-episode installment is confirmed for 2021, and it will feature some familiar faces.

You Has Officially Been Renewed for Season 3 — Here's What We Know

Both Joe's Penn Badgley and Love's Victoria Pedretti are confirmed for season 3. If you recall, Love and Joe (who've relocated to the suburbs) are expecting a child together. How old is the youngest recorded serial killer? We're sensing a record will be broken with this tot.

OK, if anything has ever warranted a Click-style fast-forward mechanism, it's this. We'll just be hibernating until 2021 — bye!

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