You Dyed Your Hair Pink for Comic-Con...Now What?

Comic-Con Pink Hair
Photo: Invision/AP; Flynet

Comic-Con came to an end over the weekend, and if you dyed your hair to match your costume, you may be stuck with a vivid hue that doesn't exactly translate into the corporate world -- unless you're Katy Perry, of course. Luckily, most Crayola hues fade quickly because of the large amount of color molecules used in the dye. Also, shampoos like Head and Shoulders ($9; and Pert Plus ($4; work wonders at removing unwanted tones. If your hair is heavily-stained, a peroxide shampoo bath may be your best bet. "When hair gets stained, the color goes into the cuticle and becomes hard to remove," said Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi Salons. "At the salon, we put low-volume peroxide in a gentle shampoo and soak the hair until the stain comes out." No time to book an appointment before tomorrow's big meeting? You can also try the same process at home. "Just buy a bottle of 20 volume peroxide, and add it to shampoo," Warren added. "Keep checking every five minutes, wash out, then reapply if necessary." Your hair color should fade significantly. But if you're still dealing with unwanted rosy tints in your highlights, pull your hair into a top knot for the time being, and work with your colorist to nurse your strands back to their original shade.

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