By Selene Milano
Updated Jul 09, 2014 @ 12:15 pm
Glamsquad House Calls Blowouts Makeup at Home Services
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Great news for bridesmaids all over N.Y.C.: You no longer have to cringe through a “free” makeup counter makeover (and purchase the obligatory orchid lipstick that matches your dyed satin shoes) in order to get your wedding face on. The blow-dry-on-demand app Glamsquad is adding $75 makeup applications to their menu of services (note to primping nubies: that’s about half the cost of the typical makeup artist for hire). Click over to to check out the seven looks they offer: the Icon, the Siren, the Vamp, the Bronzed Beauty, the Dreamer, the Exec and the Flirt.

Being that it’s summer (and my complexion still looks like the underbelly of a pollywog), I decided to try the “Bronzed Beauty.” Full disclosure: I get my makeup done fairly regularly for TV so I am used to working with pros.

With her clean, natural makeup and impeccably groomed brows, Alix, my artist, seemed promising. After setting up her gear, she went to work: contouring, bronzing, highlighting. “I’m giving you what I call the J. Lo eye,” she said, delicately feathering an array of bronzy shades over my lids. “It’s smokey but not black.” After beefing up my anemic brows with a pencil, she stepped back to inspect her work. “What do you think?” she asked expectantly. “I can adjust it however you want.” We warmed up the lip with a bit of peach gloss and then—after she'd packed up her gear and left—I wiped about 10 percent of the makeup off with a tissue. And you know what? After that, it was perfect.

Bottom line: The "bronzed beauty" was a tad bit heavy for my taste. But if you want to get your makeup professionally done in the New York area, the price can't be beat.