Yolanda Hadid is headed back to reality TV, but it’s not with a starring role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The mom of three and former top model is the host of Lifetime’s new show Making a Model.

Interesting, Hadid told WWD that despite the fact that she fully supports the careers of her children today, it wasn’t always so. She actually raised Gigi, 22, and Bella, 21, (their brother 18-year-old Anwar is also a model) with strict rules in regards to entering the fashion industry.

“I always said to the girls, ‘You’re not allowed to model until you’re 18 years old.’ I remember when they were 16, [they said,] ‘Mom, everybody 16 works’ and I said, ‘I do not care what everybody else does, I care what you do and I’m not gonna break my rule on that,” Yolanda told WWD.

“They fought me on that for many years and now they look at me and say, 'Mommy, thank you so much for giving us the gift of having time to grow up and get to a place where we were more self-confident because we don’t think we could have managed the fame, the success if we had started two years earlier.' Generally, they trust my input and they listen, but they definitely have a mind of their own.”

Rules aside, Yolanda is proud of how far they’ve come. “They’re really hard-working girls. It’s been amazing for me to watch because that’s the industry that I came from. When they were children, even though I didn’t allow them to work, at home I would always play with clothes with them and take pictures. It’s something that they fell into in a very playful way,” she said. “There is no greater joy for a mother than to see your children succeed in something that they love to do.”

She adds that the sisters, who by the way think mom’s new show is “amazing,” grew up quickly since Yolanda often could not travel with due to illness (she suffers from chronic Lyme disease). “I wasn’t there, which was probably a blessing because had I not been sick, I probably would have babied them a lot more than I did,” she said.