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Yoga Facial
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Sure, our tree stands are still a bit shaky, and "Downward Dog" is just about the only yoga pose we've mastered. But when we got word about a facial that was likened to a yoga session for your face, we had to experience it for ourselves.

Chicago-based salon and spa, George the Salon recently launched its Anti-Gravity Facial ($225 for 60 minutes), an anti-aging service that's said to strengthen and tone the muscles in your face—much like an hour-long yoga class would do for the muscles in your body. "The Anti-Gravity Facial is a conjunction of a high-enzyme mask, microcurrent, light therapy, and radio frequency, which [are] all so beneficial," says Lindsey Blondin, George the Salon spa director and lead esthetician. "The mask is extremely anti-aging and the microcurrent gets your lymphatic system moving and blood flowing, to help renew cells. Light therapy helps rebuild natural collagen and elasticity, and radiotherapy helps lengthen your muscles."

The Warm-Up
Blondin begins the treatment with an application of Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Lavish ($48,—a blend of botanic ingredients like grape seed, cranberry, macadamia, and almond oils—as a pre-cleanse treatment. "Oils help adjust the pH balance on your skin and break up the dirt in your pores to give you a better cleanse," she says. After cleansing and applying the enzyme mask, she then uses an ultrasonic machine as a decongestant followed by manual extractions. "The ultrasonic machine melts the inner cellular glue that holds dead skin cells onto the surface of the skin. It exfoliates and pushes debris out of the pores." She then applies a hydrating mask to soothe and moisturize the skin.

The Workout
Now that we've gone through the warm-up, Blondin gets ready for what she considers the workout portion of the treatment—the microcurrent. "The microcurrent uses concentrated LED light therapy to stimulate your skin cells while radio frequency lengthens the muscles in your face to tone and lift them back to their original state." And unlike many traditional facials, you'll feel the burn! Well, not exactly a burn—more like a twitch. "Most people tend to feel their muscles jump a bit around the mouth and forehead. In these areas, the muscles are bigger and the skin is thinner, so it's easier for the machine to grab onto the muscle."

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The Cool-Down
For the cool-down, Blondin finishes the treatment with a combination of serums—including Sircuit Cosmeceuticals O.M.G+ ($150,, an antioxidant-rich hydrating elixir (which she loves so much, she admits she would bathe her clients in it!)—a retinol-based moisturizer, caffeine-rich eye cream, and sunscreen. "After the treatment, you can pick back up with your regular skin care regimen, just be sure to stay away from exfoliation for a bit."

So, when should you consider your next yoga sesh for your skin? Blondin says you're never too young to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. "The treatment is good for women of all ages. If you have damaged collagen, the Anti-Gravity Facial will rebuild it. If you're young with great elasticity in your skin, the service will sustain it."

Nope, no contorting your body into the shape of a pretzel in this yoga class. Just lay back, relax, and walk out with softer, firmer, glowing skin. Namaste.

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