By Pam Majumdar
Mar 13, 2014 @ 11:13 am

The new Rocky musical has finally opened on Broadway at the famed Winter Garden Theatre! In a classic story about the underdog, it's only fitting that a young actress making her Broadway debut be cast as Rocky's shy love interest, Adrian. You may or may not recognize Margo Seibert from Boardwalk Empire, but one thing is for sure: this relative unknown won't be a new name for long. Seibert talked to about prepping for her iconic role in the new musical based on the Oscar-winning Sylvester Stallone film. Here are some fun facts we learned from this knockout new star:

1. Haven't seen the iconic 1976 movie yet? That's OK. Neither had Seibert until well into her auditions.Seibert sat down and watched the movie that catapulted Stallone to fame after about her fifth or sixth tryout...of nine! "I of course had heard of (it)... I mean, Rocky is an institution, I knew that," said Seibert. "Talia Shire is so beautiful in the movie [as Adrian], but I didn't want to copy her, because it is a new piece. Parts of it are reimagined, parts of it are expanded. So I just didn't wanna do exactly what she was doing."

2. Can we say committed to the role? Seibert took rollerblading lessons this winter – in Central Park – to prepare for the play.True to the movie, Rocky and Adrian go to an ice skating rink for their first date: Adrian skates while Rocky jogs alongside. No, there's no ice onstage, but Seibert had to be sure she was ready for what she calls the "fake ice skating on rollerblades."

"I had so much fun (preparing)! Every part of my body was covered in some sort of padding. I had a helmet on, I had wrist guards, elbow pads...and you know, tourists are walking by in Central Park taking pictures. Oh it's 20 degrees, I'll just put another pair of long underwear on!"

3. Rocky rehearsals have included training with the boxers and fight choreographers. Every morning.Even though Adrian's character doesn't throw any punches, Seibert still trained with all the boxers. "We did a little bit of yoga, (and) then we did circuit training in the morning, every morning. We'll be doing burpees, and the hill starts, and we're throwing medicine balls at each other. And then of course the guys had to stay and do hours and hours of it, but we all did a little bit of yoga and then we'd do a circuit training session." Seibert says she's ready for a showdown with actor Andy Karl, who plays Rocky, if needed. We bet!

4. What's in Seibert's closet? Vintage!"I go through old vintage shops (in Maine) and find like an old hunting cap or a beaded top that you can wear with a black bra--something that has a little bit of a story to it. I have a black and white beautiful cape from Guatemala that's maybe from the '40s," said Seibert. "But what I really love to do in terms of style is pair good old standards like the blue jeans and leather boots with something that has a whimsical quality, or has a life or a story to it."

5. Cate Blanchett is Seibert's beauty inspiration for tonight's opening."I am online looking at (Blanchett's) hair and dress from the Oscars. So gorgeous, and so simple and stunning," Seibert told us. "I'm wearing Marchesa---my first time wearing a gown, honestly! (And) I have these beautiful shoes by Stuart Weitzman."

Planning to go see Rocky? Watch for Seibert's early solo to the song Raining.  "I think I have a different sound of voice than what is typical musical theatre right now," said Seibert. "I'm really thankful that the artistic team enjoys who I am  and what I bring to this role, and what my voice sounds like, and they really let me soar with it!"

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