Yara Shahidi Is Looking Forward to Trying Water Polo at Harvard

Though you'd think acting in a major ABC sitcom is enough to make anyone feel complete in the extra-curricular department, Yara Shahidi is quite the ambitious 17-year-old.

The Black-ish star is taking a gap year before attending Harvard in 2018 to star in a spin-off show, College-ish, but she's also gearing up to expand her portfolio of hobbies. In the above video forInStyle's August issue, Shahidi opens up about the one skill she's angling to pick up in college.

"If I were gonna try an extra-curricular activity in college, it would be something completely outlandish, if I haven't tried it yet," she says. "I wonder what water polo would be like?" You tell us, Yara.

We'll have to wait a short while to see whether or not the actress takes up the sport, but one thing's for sure: She's bound to be an A+ college student. Why she chose Harvard over other schools? "I really paid attention to the professors and the network of support that's there. I know that I do want to take time to focus on college, but it means that I really want to know what kind of environment I'm in," she said of her rationale. "I've always been an academic and I've always been a creative, and I am looking for a campus that supports both."

Also in the video above, Shahidi reveals her favorite Black-ish scene.

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