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When Yara Shahidi and Storm Reid met two years ago, it was a match made in fashion heaven.

The actresses were at a dance thrown by Disney and their similarly animal-themed looks brought them together. “I was wearing a cheetah-print dress that was bedazzled at the top,” recalls Shahidi. “And I had a long-sleeved dress with a whole bunch of birds on it,” laughs Reid. “It was a jungle-themed dance and Storm and I were all over it.”

Since then both of their careers have taken off, with Shahidi stealing scenes on Black-ish and Grown-ish, while Reid captivated audiences in one of this year’s buzziest blockbusters, A Wrinkle in Time. Their style bond is still going strong too, with bold colors, streamlined suits, and statement prints reigning supreme.

Reid, 15, says she continues look to Shahidi, 18, whenever she’s in need of some outfit inspo. “Yara is so carefree with her style,” says Reid. “Whether she’s on a red carpet, walking down the street, or dancing on Instagram, you can just tell that she's having so much fun with whatever she's wearing—that’s what I love most.”

For our October issue, we connected the two pals to talk red carpets favorites, dealing with outfit haters, and their love of sneakers. Read on for their chat below.

Storm Reid: Yara, I love that you have so much fun with style. You’re also proof that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look cool.

Yara Shahidi: Aw, thank you! I think we both have distinct looks because we’re not trying to check some sort of box. If I want to wear a turtleneck, that’s my choice, and if I want to go shorter with my skirt, that’s also my choice. It’s personal, so it makes it more enjoyable.

SR: You’ve actually inspired me to wear brighter colors lately, like my rainbow Moschino suit [below]. You love yellow the most, right?

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YS: Yes! How can you not be happy when you are dressed like the sun? I’m a tracksuit junkie and have quite a few yellow ones in rotation.

SR: I’m obsessed with anything that’s baby blue—the color of the sky.

YS: Oh, I like blue too. I helped design my blue Tory Burch suit all the way down to the fabric [below]. I wanted it to look like a zoot suit.

SR: Loved that. I feel like suits continue to challenge what society thinks women should wear. What’s your process for choosing a look?

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YS: It’s always about comfort first and foremost. I can’t think about anything when my Spanx are riding up my thigh. I also do the robot when I try on all of my outfits because if you can’t do it well, then your look is either too tight, too loose, too long, or too short. [laughs]

SR: Ha! I’m definitely going to steal that robot trick. It’s so important to dress for yourself, but still the comments section on Instagram can be a very dangerous place. How do you deal with it?

YS: I’m learning how to post and not to stew in comment land. People are critical, especially with women and their bodies. When I dress unabashedly for myself, I feel so good, it doesn’t matter as much.

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SR: We need to let people live their best life! That means evolving the standards of beauty and diversity in the fashion industry too.

YS: I just think it’s cool when women gas up other women.

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SR: Same. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever worn?

YS: My Ralph Lauren jumpsuit at the SAGs [above]. It was actually a dress at first. The bow was detachable, and I could dance in it.

SR: That’s the best! So if I had to choose one kind of shoe to wear for the rest of my life, it would easily be sneakers. Are you a sneakerhead?

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YS: Oh, my. I love all shoes, but yes, sneakers are the big ones for me.

SR: Have you seen the Air Jordan x Off-White collab? It’s my fave.

YS: Yes! I actually get so excited when somebody is wearing the same sneakers that I am. Shoes are something we can all bond over.

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