Stars are just like us—except for, you know … the multi-million dollar vacations, designer freebies, star-studded parties, and celebrity networks. But aside from those things, we’re all leading identical lives, right?

Case in point, Blackish actress Yara Shahidi met an idol of hers at the BET Awards on Sunday. Instead of hiding away and snapping far-off pics from her iPhone (what we would do, TBH), the Harvard-bound star actually went up to “the phenomenal” Chance the Rapper and not only met him, but offered to babysit for his 22-month-old daughter, Kensli Bennett.

“I met the phenomenal @chancetherapper and I offered to babysit (IM GEEKED) #MamaweMadeIt #BETAwards,” Shahidi wrote on Sunday.

Chance, another Obama fam favorite, took the actress up on her offer less than an hour later, writing:

“It was awesome to meet you! And yeah whenever your avail.”

Honestly not sure who we’re more jealous of in this situation. Probably Yara, though, because LOOK. AT. THIS. BABY:

We’re expecting live updates from Yara the second they meet.