Credit: Johnny Miller

Satisfy any sweet tooth with a charmingly offbeat array of treats in just a couple of clicks—nearly everything here can be bought online.

1. Bliss Stack

No time to bake? No problem. Choices for mail-order cakes are more exhaustive—and tastier—than ever. Case in point: this dreamy coconut confection from We Take the Cake.

2. High Tea

Delicate and divine to look at, these chocolate teacups would surely make Willy Wonka's imagination run wild. (We filled our cups with vanilla pudding.) Add flashes of color by sprinkling a few fresh berries or pomegranate seeds on top.

3. Rock Candy

"These edible chocolate jewels are almost too fabulous to eat," says entertaining expert David Stark of the brightly colored sweets. "The unexpected gem shapes make them stand out on a serving tray or dessert buffet."

4. Toffee Talk

Credit: Johnny Miller

Chop up wedges of this scrumptious Millionaire Shortbread made with chocolate and smoked-hickory sea salt.

5. One Cool Cookie

Credit: Johnny Miller

Take your cookie recipe to the next level with the addition of organic smoked chocolate chips that have been cold-smoked over alder wood.