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It’s no secret that sizing can be inconsistent from brand to brand—one clothing company’s size six may be another’s size ten. Shoppers have dealt with the problem by waiting forever in dressing room lines, or ordering multiple sizes online only to send back the styles that don’t fit. But there’s a new solution: Full body scans! A company called MyBestFit is setting up mall kiosk body scanners that can pinpoint what size you’ll be in over 50 brands. How it works: Shoppers step into a circular booth, where a rotating wand emits low-power radio waves that record about 200,000 body measurements, the New York Times reports. Users leave with a printout matching their measurements to clothes from Banana Republic, American Eagle, J. Brand, Talbots, and more. MyBestFit kiosks are currently available in Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia mall, and the company plans to roll out 13 more stations along the east coast and California this year. Tell us, would you use the service?