Would You Try Splashlights? Get All the Details On this Bold Look

Splashlights - Aura Friedman
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Last week, we polled our readers to find out if Splashlights were taking over the hair world as the new ombre, and while the majority of voters were in favor of the gradual ombre effect, some of you admitted that you'd try out the halo-esque Splashlights. That's why we spoke to colorist Aura Friedman, who kick-started the trend, to find out how she came up with the effect, how to get it, and who can pull it off. "Ombre and Splashlights cannot be compared -- they look completely different and will appeal to completely different people," she said. "Ombre is basically synonymous with painted natural highlight, or variations of sun-bleached hair. Splashlights is a graphic look. It is more conceptual and will appeal and work on a more daring crowd." Friedman recommends seeing a professional to get the look right, as the process takes anywhere from five to nine hours to complete. She was inspired to try the effect after playing with the concept of light reflection, and noted that people in creative professions -- musicians, artists, and people who work in fashion and beauty, to name a few -- are more likely to try out such a bold style. While the end result is much different than a graduated ombre highlight, the low-maintenance upkeep remains the same. "Splashlights will not need much maintenance, except a gloss every few months," she added. "It is a forever-evolving color, and has a different look as it browns further down the hair."

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