Would You Spend $20 on a Tube of Toothpaste?

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to household items, toothpaste is one staple that's always been easy on the wallet. You might toss it into your shopping cart and cross it off your to-do list without as much as a second thought. But what if there was a toothpaste that was more than twice as effective as your tried and true formula? Would you use it even if it meant it would set you back a pretty penny?

That’s what we’ve been asking ourselves ever since we stumbled on Livionex—a new Silicon Valley breakthrough that goes for $20 a tube. Unlike the traditional toothpastes you can pick up at the drugstore, this one is said to eliminate plaque—the leading cause of common gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis—at a molecular level without the use of detergents and harsh abrasives. Recent studies show it can even prevent the bacteria from sticking to teeth to begin with.

Plus, it claims to attack the plaque found in those hard-to-reach areas your regular toothpaste can't quite get to. As a result, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in inflammation and gum bleeding, and lessen your chances of painful visits to the dentist for things like cavities and root canals (which aren't exactly a bargain, either).

So, how much would you pay for a healthier smile? We're still sort of torn, but we're definitely intrigued. Visit livionexdental.com to learn more.

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